Swiss artist Arnold Bocklin is known for his moody paintings of dark fantasy worlds. In a tribute to the pensive painter, Unspoken have produced “White Song”, a behind the scenes video of their SS12/13 Resort collection.

The label’s classic, stylish pastel designs are showcased on French smouldering beauty and Unspoken muse, Audrey. like their clothes, this film clip is all about feminity with a dark edge.

The video tries to capture the mood of Bocklin’s art and the fantastical figures he painted. Bocklin, who was heavily influenced by romanticism, had a visual aesthetic which portrays fantasy and the sublime.

This season’s bright colors and shimmering textures draw on Bocklin’s surreal world. The clothes are both delicate and practical, dressy and simple, it is in these contradictions that romantic art and Bocklin’s work live. “White Song”, is an ode to Bocklin and the beauty that comes from contrast.