Lorin Askill wants to take you on a trip. The director has collaborated with social enterprise Artisans of Fashion to bring the intricate craftsmanship of India to the fashion world. Representing an organization that supports India’s craft industry, this fashion film gives an inside look at the communities that keep these traditional techniques and skills alive.

The film opens with a model in a variety of locations, ranging from the shores of the sea to a stunning temple to shopping stalls on the street, demonstrating the magnificence of both the designs and the landscape. The second half of the film is dedicated to showing the process by which the materials and designs were purchased for the shoot. Askill documents trips to the market, negotiations with designers and cultural events that served as inspiration. Clips of daily life in India are woven throughout the film, and almost threaten to upstage the beauty of the clothes.

“YAATRA” shows the rich history and elaborate process behind many materials and items produced by India’s artisan community, and expresses the organization’s goal to promote healthy business relationships between artisans and global designers.