Collection Homme Printemps/Eté 2011 – Ari Marcopoulos’ short film from ysl on YouTube

The word from Spring Menswear this year unanimously announced that gritty tattoos and fancy suits are an ideal combination. Both Louis Vuitton’s and Dries Van Noten’s models sported temporary ink, while Yves Saint Laurent spared their models’ skin to get a little more creative.

Guests of the show were invited to view a short film by legendary photographer Ari Marcopoulos, which went inside both the mind and LA studio of Mark Mahoney, the granddaddy of single needle, black and grey tattoo art.

As to what this had to do with the military-inspired, feminine tailoring of the YSL collection it was shown alongside, we’re not sure. But Mahoney is such an engaging character that we don’t think it really matters.