Stuck all the way down there at the bottom of the world, you could be forgiven for thinking that all Australia has is desert, Mad Max, and a big-ass hole in the ozone layer. But any Aussie worth their weight in green and gold will tell you that they’ve got something else: Beaches. Heavenly beaches. Beaches so damn good it’s highly possible that Mother Nature wedged them way down there because if they were any closer, the rest of the world would never leave them alone.

So with beach-going serving as a national pastime, a saggy old pair of togs (Editor’s Note: that’s Aussie for swimsuit) just won’t do. A pop of color beneath a worn-out tee, or the glimpse of a bandeau top beneath a pair of cropped overalls, Australian girls have a special knack for ensuring their swimmers are always on hand for impromptu beach trips. Luckily stalwart Australian label Zimmermann have been coming up with the swimwear goods for years, with their 2012/13 Resort Collection proving no exception. Foamy sea-blue sport luxe, ornate jewel-hued paisleys, vibrant florals and a confection of topical pastels, Zimmermann do sexy and expressive swimwear separates like no other.

To launch their latest, they’ve released this heady, 58 second lust-fest of long limbs and glistening honeyed skin. With influential Sydney fashion icon Tamila Purvis (ex-Russh Fashion editor and one half of MANIAMANIA jewelry label) serving as Creative Director and Stylist, and Nicholas Routledge of Van She-fame providing some rather serpentine beats, it’s a serious schooling in ‘Babe’ that will have you cruising down the coast with the wind in your hair before you can say “Surf’s Up!”