“Dear White People” is a New Step for Black Cinema

“Dear White People” is an Exciting New Step for Black Cinema

By Rachael Clemmons in Film

“Dear White People” is a New Step for Black Cinema View Now

I wish I was in Dixieland

By Michael Stahl in Film

Taking an inside look at Dixieland, a new film by director Roman Stills. View Now

5 Stupid-Looking Rom Coms That Are Actually Wonderful

By Jana Pollack in Film

Please click through this list to find out which rom coms you may have written off but actually need in your life. You won't be sorry, I promise. View Now
Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 10.14.11 AM

Blending film format boundaries with MASS

By Jeremy Glass in Film

With the clip 'MASS', Matthew James Thompson brings to life an intriguing concept that's neither a short film or music video, but a hybrid of both... View Now
Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 2.50.22 PM

Beauty comes in all colors with ‘See Me Now’

By Aranya Phookan in Film

A new fashion film questions the use of skin whitening products against the natural beauty of women of every color. View Now

The Most Patriotic Movies Of All Time

By Sean Morrow in Film

We picked a few of our favorite patriotic films. Instead of saving it for the Fourth of July, we're posting it today because you should ALWAYS be patriotic. View Now

Reflections On Garden State, Wish I Was Here, And The Work Of Zach Braff

By Jana Pollack in Film

I'm not sure exactly when it happened (though it was definitely after I'd created the somewhat-popular Facebook group "Good luck exploring the infinite abyss") — but at some point, people started to make fun of Garden Sate. View Now

Rom-Coms Of Girlfriends Past, Or, Ghosts Need Romance, Too

By Mike Kalenderian in Film

The field of rom-coms is a densely populated one, so what does a screenwriter do to make their rom-com stand out of the pack? Why, add ghosts, of course. View Now

The Oscar Nominated / Winning Films Worth Owning

By Jenna Faith in Film

With the Oscars behind us, the buzz-worthy films are starting to be released for home viewing. Though some of the Oscar nominated films may not have taken home that coveted gold statue, they're still worth owning. View Now

See The Trailer For James Gandolfini’s Final Film, ‘The Drop’

By Mike Kalenderian in Film

There's something decidedly spooky about watching a trailer for a film that's going to be released after the passing of an actor, not to mention the passing of an actor as great as James Gandolfini. View Now

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