Just before I begin, I should stress that these are actually going to be films that involve romance. I’m sorry if you came here expecting a list full of death and AIDS and exploding cancer but, really, that’s exactly what you’d expect, isn’t it? Nay, my use of the word “alternative” in this instance refers to films people wouldn’t typically expect to hear mentioned when you’re recommending a romantic film to watch. We’ve come to associate romance with the generic, (mostly) horrific garbage that Hollywood loves to churn out, especially on the run up to Valentine’s Day. There is nothing of the sort on this list, not a Katherine Heigl/Sandra Bullock/Matthew McConaughey/Ryan Reynolds etc, etc to be found. Is it weird to only enjoy romance when it isn’t presented in such a way that is
shallow, vapid, material and stupid? If so, then I guess I’m even more weird than I thought.

I remember once being accused of being a heartless beast with no qualms about crushing the dreams of many and fulfilling those of few because of the fact that I had no interest in going to see the film Valentine’s Day. While all that may be true, I do have a little good in me, and I think that good was especially brought to the fore when I refused to sit through another film of celebrity ego stroking, cliché ridden tales of love in addition to two Taylors sucking face with each other.

So all I have to say to those accusations of heartlessness is; “screw you, lady!” I may be a 23 year old spinster in the making who in recent times has become devoid of all emotion, but I still feel! Kind of, sort of, maybe. This list will prove it! So there. I myself will be spending my Valentine’s the way any self-respecting lady person should – GALENTINES.


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