Here we are: we are deep in winter. In these last few days of January, there’s little to look forward to. Spring is years away; even St. Patrick’s Day feels like years away. It is cold and night comes early. Weeks are dragging on. Things are dark.

All that looms before us, holiday-wise, is Valentine’s Day. And although I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, I do have a movie to suggest to you, no matter where you’re at romantically. If you’re feeling winter-y, buried under months of cold, and in need of some heart warmth, I suggest you watch Harold and Maude.

Harold and Maude: a 1971 flop that became a cult classic. A May-December romance to the highest degree. A black comedy that slowly swells with light and the magic of Cat Stevens. It’s a beautiful movie, guys, and a solid reminder that spring — or a brighter moment in life — will come. In anticipation of warmer days, walk with me through 5 beautiful moments in Harold and Maude.




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