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American Pie (1999) [NSFW]

This weekend the class of 1999 is got back together; yep, the American Pie reunion movie you never asked for is here, and it’s been cleverly titled American Reunion. Considering the only cast member we’ve kept up with is Alyson Hannigan and how she met your mother or whatever, we guess we are a little bit intrigued to see what time has done to the others. For instance, does Tara Reid look 100 yet and what about her weird boob? And… well, yep, that’s about it. We’re guessing Jason Biggs is going to stick his dick in some food again, so here’s a clip of when he did it the first time to… get you in the mood?

Because we’re assuming you can see how excited we are about the impending reunion (really, there should be a font for sarcasm), we’ve put together a list of 5 movie high school reunions we’d much prefer to see.