Ah, Kirsten Dunst. She was the queen of the late 90s and early 2000s, and for a while there it seemed like her attractive but also definitely kind of weird face was absolutely everywhere. She defined a generation! Or, sort of. Then she disappeared, and many of us ceased to think about her at all in her absence.

However, starting with Melancholia in 2011 and continuing with the acclaimed Bachelorette in 2012, Kirsten Dunst is making herself something of a little comeback. Now 31 years old, she’s starting to prove that she’s more than the teen queen we all took her for. I feel genuinely happy for her! And do you know why? Because she made some damn fine movies back in her heyday, and they got me through countless boring weekday afternoons as well as one really awkward date. In celebration of a career revived, I propose that we remember an impressive body of work gone by.