It would be near-impossible to construct a succinct list of the best films about journalism; from La Dolce Vita to The Insider, there have been some incredible, award-winning depictions of reporters and correspondents throughout cinema history. Composing such a list may just be as subjective and divisive as some of the most famous news stories to hit the headlines themselves. And for that matter, what constitutes a film about a journalist? Citizen Kane might be the first to come to mind: but that actually centres around the legacy of a newspaper magnate. Do photojournalists count? Would Anne Hathaway make the list for The Devil Wears Prada?

Instead, we’ve decided to make a list of films that have not only given us some insight into the trials and tribulations of a journalist, but also taught us a thing or two about the vocation along the way. More than just the standard by-line, here we’re giving credit to the cinematic journalists whose plights made it to the big screen. Yes, some are fictional (spoiler alert: we didn’t ACTUALLY think Kate Hudson was playing a real trashy magazine journalist in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) but nonetheless, we’ve taken their guidance — however varied — on board.

From the humorous to the overly sentimental, the wacky and the tragic, here are 7 films that taught us something about the (sometimes imaginary, nonetheless captivating) life of a journalist.

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