Convention is boring (that’s convention as in ‘the normal way of thinking,’ conventions as in trade shows and the like are incomprehensibly awesome, obviously). Normal viewpoints are boring too. So are facts. And truth. And history. Why do we bind ourselves to these silly things? The sharing and assimilation of new ideas, no matter how zany, is an important part of developing one’s world view. A state of open mindedness to new ideas is the key to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Greco-Roman, or Native American, or American Colonial, or whatever ideal of the global forum to exchange ideas is made real with ‘the Internet.’ You can research whatever idea you want on this thing.

But research is boring and movies are awesome! No one wants to spend hours poring over words like some kind of prehistoric nerd, right? Documentaries are a great way to learn and expose yourself to new ideas without sullying your mind with reading.

Therefore watching documentaries that posit crazy theories is the zenith of human existence, right? It all adds up! And just because a documentary is crazy, doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining.

Open your mind and let a little crazy in.

Here is Portable’s list of the best weird documentaries espousing crazy theories.

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7 Great Weird Documentaries Espousing Out-There Theories