French filmmakers AB/CD/CD’s new short film, On Hold, may leave you feeling itchy, even a tad on edge. The clip, set to Factory Floor’s Real Love, is both hypnotic and pulsating, and complete with smashed kitchenware, dancing and leaping, and a never-ending set of stairs.

The short is a narrative of repetition, of short snippets repeated for emphasis, a resounding pattern. There is a tempo to the clip that increases—as will your blood pressure—with the progression of time. The constant and quick flicking between images drives a sense of purpose, and knowledge of the arrival an eventual peak. The rising pace may make one anxious, and the smashing plates (note: broken crockery is not good for the nerves), may lead to bated breath. There is a definite deliberateness to the actions in the clips: from the looped women pushing the knives off the edge of the table, to the resplendent tennis player, framed in concentration.

The video is beautifully made, all HD shots and carefully-constructed composition. AB/CD/CD, a French collaboration of Clément Dozier, Arnaud Boutin and Camille Dauteuille, met as lively youth at a Parisian art school. They have since worked their way up the hipster-charts: from Lily Allen’s Fuck You (2009) to present.