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Oh Wes, how your technicolor wonderland has always charmed me. Your worldly but flawed characters, your perfect balance of humor and sadness, your attention to detail down to the perfect monogrammed suitcase, is a visual feast on every repeat viewing. I await your newest offering, Moonrise Kingdom, with the excitement similar to what eleven year olds all over the globe feel towards One Direction – minus the prepubescent hysterics.

Some people have tried to argue with me that your films are so visual they’re only superficial, but I disagree. These people are probably too busy dealing with the sensory overload of color, music and design that you curate so carefully to recognize the sneaky emotional punch hiding within each of your works. Though the internet may have proven to me ‘haters gonna hate’, I feel I must take a moment to suggest to these folk revisit your films or at least watch this charming visual summary (above) to take another look at what makes your films special.

And what makes your films special isn’t the surface level, there’s some important emotional messages just waiting in the layers of those Futura text filled dioramas. Here are some of the most reoccurring lessons your films have taught me, after the jump.