Welcome to the main reason we love the Internet. Fans. We love all those fan fiction sites where Harry Potter and Ron Weasley indulge in sweaty, sparky magician lovin’; we love all those YouTube covers where earnest teenagers in their bedrooms whip out their vibrato; and most of all, we love the lengths to which film fans go to in order to honour their favourite directors.

Kogonada is such a film fan. He/She has spliced together a video titled Sounds of Aronofsky, where Darren Aronofsky gets the soundscapes ripped out of his films and montaged together in a beautiful filmic offering. The significance of small, everyday sounds is evident — most pertinently those delicate artistic ceremonies such as spliff creation and cocaine snorting. Yeah, because you watch Aronofsky for the social critique.

Also worth checking out are kogonada’s earlier videos Tarantino From BelowWes Anderson From Above and Breaking Bad POV.

[via Kottke.]