We’ve written about the world’s movie-of-the-moment/ cinematic darling The Artist before, but it’s so damn charming we’re talking about it again, this time with the help of its acclaimed French director, Michel Hazanavicius. His name may be a mouthful but the way in which Hazanavicius describes and explains the artistry behind the artist is simple and inspiring: he says, “It’s a movie for movie lovers and reminds you why you first loved movies.”

Hazanavicius’ accent punctuates this interview as he describes the use of the famous Kuleshov effect in The Artist and subsequently the role of Uggie the dog as (ironically) one of George Valentin’s most likeable ‘traits’. I’m still pinching myself that a director today was game enough to go back to where film began, and to succeed so triumphantly; to create an undisputed masterpiece of cinema. Seeing the passionate, fiery eyes of Hazanavicius light up as he talks about The Artist—his most beloved creation—is humbling and even more inspirational than the film itself. Watch for some behind the scenes snippets (which are surprising; I often forget that Jean Dujardin isn’t actually a black and white human being), beginner’s film education and more of film’s most beloved pooch and regular talk show guest, Uggie.