Awesome women filmmakers, yes they do exist. The fast-talking, all American duo, made up of Brea Grant and Vera Miao prove that girls can do stuff too. Like, say, write the screenplay for a film, and produce, direct and star in the movie.

Doing things differently is something that comes naturally to this pair, who chose to shoot their movie, Best Friends Forever, on super 16mm film, using a micro-budget and a mostly female crew— which, according to their statistics is something quite rare.

With Los Angeles and Texas as the backdrop (no green screens here), this dark comedy/sci-fi horror, follows innocent, and somewhat nerdy Harriet and her rebellious go-lucky friend Reba on a road trip into the Texan desert, where an impending nuclear apocalypse is set to unravel their plans and potentially their friendship as well.

The only problem, is that while the girls believe it is quite possible to shoot a film under $10,000, they’d actually like to pay the people who have been “working their asses off” since the screenplay was written in November last year. And so, they are asking for help to finish the editing, colour correction and special effects needed to bring the film to life and onto the big screen. Donate to their Kickstarter fund here.

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