Life is a struggle, true happiness is a rarity.  But every man makes his own luck.

When filmmaker and photographer Nizar Pasalic was searching for his next project, he never thought he would find it while on a brief stay with his aging grandfather in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Abdulah Kadenic’s life has been spent mostly in Bosnia.  There he met his wife Sehavetka, their two daughters were born, and later three of their grandsons would be as well.  The couple moved to Norway during the Yugoslav War in the early ‘90s, before returning to Bosnia in 2007.  Yet now, for the first time in 50 years, Abdulah is living on his own; his wife is 60 kilometres away in a nursing home. Abdulah rides the bus for two hours to visit his wife every single week.  She still reminds him of everything beautiful in the world.

Pasalic has captured the pain and the joy of his grandfather’s journey from Sarajevo to his wife in Travnik in this short piece of melancholic film.  If you think that old people are cute just doing their grocery shopping, then the love between Abdulah and Sehaveta will have you inwardly swooning.  The handheld camera work makes the film quietly raw and this small story profoundly powerful.