Most famous for his fashion editorial work, Bruce Weber has photographed some of the biggest names and brands working in the creative industries today. He is also an occasional film maker who’s portfolio includes fashion films for Opening Ceremony and Ralph Lauren, as well as music videos for the Pet Shop Boys. Together with former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld, Weber recently release his latest film, Hush Lil Baby, Don’t You Cry.

The short film stars Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton as she makes her fashion film debut with a cast of winsome baby animals and baby humans. The film has a balanced quality of innocence and sexuality, due to Weber’s amazing talent as a film maker; he has an innate ability to make any subject matter tastefully sexy and glamorous. Once watching Hush Lil Baby, you wont really know what to think, so watch it again and hopefully you’ll notice the serene nuances and how bewitching the film really is.

The short film is feast for the eyes and to warm the soul and Roitfeld took to her CR Fashion Book site to explain it as, “a story about second chances and active imagination”. So be imaginative when you watch this film and do it as you see fit. It might be to adore at the fluffy bunnies and soft puppies, or to longingly stare at the beautiful man, who surprisingly pulls of a unicorn onesie, or even as second chance for Kate Upton to redeem herself in the video world.

So thank you Weber and Roitfeld, for showing us that it is possible to watch Kate doing something other than The Dougie or the Cat Daddy.