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What would you do if, following your divorce, you had to move back to Woodstock with your two kids and shack up with your crazy hippie mom? This is the plight faced by Catherine Keener in Peace, Love and Misunderstanding, only in this scenario, mom is Oscar winner Jane Fonda, and she takes the idea of hippie to a whole new dimension. In between stopping her mother from feeding her peckish teenage son “brownies” and worrying about Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford trying to get into the pants of her daughter (played by up- and-comer Elizabeth Olsen), Keener also has to fend off the advances of a ruggedly handsome local and come to terms with her own part in her husband’s departure, in this film about letting go, growing up, and probably like, learning to love again or something.

It’s certainly a plot that could go either way, but Peace, Love and Misunderstanding has one sure-fire thing in its corner that will keep this heartwarming flick from going limp. And that thing is Catherine Keener people. Catherine freaking Keener! The woman doesn’t do sappy, and she certainly doesn’t do over-the-top, but rather trades in the kind of interesting, endearing and wholly believable female characters that are too often absent from the Hollywood landscape.

In anticipation of her latest turn, we take a look back at some of our favorite Keener moments, because nobody does “real” quite like this offbeat beauty.