Miss Dior Cherie
l Directed by Sofia Coppola

Members of the extended Coppola family are notorious for including their relatives in their creative projects. From progenitor Carmine’s Oscar-winning score on his son‘s Apocalypse Now, to Nicolas Cage’s brilliant portrayal of Charlie (and Donald) Kaufman in his then-cousin-in-law Spike Jonze’s Adaptation, they like to keep their ties tied tight.
Some see it as undisguised nepotism, while others, fooled by headstrong members’ decisions to change their surnames (I’m looking at you, Cage), barely notice. Those people obviously don’t spend their free time drawing mock-ups of the family tree like I do.

As a third-generation Coppola kinswoman, writer/director Sofia has continued this trend, according to recent reports from the set of her new film, Somewhere. She met her current beau, Frenchman Thomas Mars, when he lent his vocals to AIR’s Playground Love on the soundtrack to her first feature film, The Virgin Suicides. His band Phoenix then contributed a track to her celebrated follow-up, Lost in Translation, as well as making a cameo as the Petit Trianon Musicians in her most recent offering, Marie Antoinette.

After hearing the track Love Like a Sunset on the band’s Grammy award-winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Sofia recruited Mars and Co. once more, this time to score the entirety of the soundtrack to the hugely-anticipated film.

Somewhere is Sofia’s first project since the mixed reception Marie Antoinette received upon its release in 2006. She has been spending the years since raising her and Mars’ daughter Romy in their home in France, only dipping her toes in the pool of creative juices once, for the sugary sweet Dior perfume commercial.

During an interview for MTV, two of Mars’ Phoenix bandmates revealed that Somewhere would be released “sometime in the fall”. Fingers-crossed that means it will be played on Australian screens before Christmas.