Directed by Laure Flammarion and Arnaud Uytthenove, two young European filmmakers, Somewhere to Disappear follows Alec Soth—a renowned American photographer best known for his portraits using a large format camera—as he travels around the United States in search for men who have the desire to run away, disappear, or remove themselves from society entirely.

The 57-minute documentary was filmed during the winter of 2008, summer of 2008 and spring of 2009, and this short trailer shows snippets of monks, conspiracy theorists, gay spiritualists, survivalists and hermits in secluded desert caves, hidden mountain cabins and isolated houses in the middle of forests. It presents incredible meetings with these people and explores their dreams of disappearing, while also offering a story of the introspective journey reflected in Soth’s work as his own way of disappearing and hiding.

Somewhere to Disappear is filled with stories of eeriness and sadness, but also a sense of unconventional beauty; these stories are not of people who strive to be solitary, but are those of people driven by the desire to be solitary.

The film is playing at special events in Minneapolis, Toronto and New York. Details here.