If there were ever a film with insane amounts of bad-ass girl power (Spice World aside), it’s definitely Juan Rayos‘ four-part long-boarding documentary Endless Roads.  Chronicling a Volkswagen van road-tripping journey taken by the Longboard Girls Crew through the hills of Spain, the third chapter, titled The Land of Castles, sees the team pass through the cities of Calpe, Denia, and Toledo, all with enough unique physical characteristics to make it a must-skate destination.

The scenery is gorgeous and the energy is a combination of camaraderie and a blatant disregard for any inhibitions. These girls glide down hills and carve into their surroundings with the greatest of ease, making it seem like an absolute cinch. They all get along amazingly, despite a slight language barrier (they mostly speak Spanish) and the friendships are something Rayos has highlighted really well. He captures their keen sense of adventure and fun perfectly as well as turning a sometimes rough activity into a simply enthralling viewer experience. Not to mention, it really makes us want to visit Spain.

The Longboard Girls Crew is an international team that was “created by a group of girls who were tired of always being a minority among male dominated crews.” Far from being a “no-boys” club, the LGC’s five co-founders (one of whom is a man) have embraced their male counterparts in their journey to ensure the gendered stereotypes that exist in the world of extreme sports don’t hang around for future lady skaters.