These days the traditional rules of etiquette don’t seem to factor much in a girl’s upbringing but, according to the tongue-in-cheek animated short film Etiquette For The Becoming Lady, the reintroduction of a few key, old-school life lessons into the school syllabus could be well worth a giggle or three.

The film, written and directed by student film-maker Danielle Downey and animator Ciselle Fung, was created by the pair as a second year university project intent on looking into the ways in which one might fall foul of sweetness through the example of a young woman by the name of Miss Fanny, as she struggles to cope with the rules and regulations set by society to guide young woman as they step out amongst society.

According to Ciselle Fung’s blog, A World Without Art Is Chaos, the oh-so-naughty guide to courtship was inspired by etiquette handbooks from the early 1900s. Shedding light onto all the ways a young lady can get into trouble in the face of temptation, the resulting story-book style guide is a hilarious spin on the serious tone of such books, resulting in a good ol’ lesson to both young and not so young about how attitudes towards men, women and relationships once were and how much they have changed today.