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Music bloggers and critics collectively moaned and quivered in their trousers when the new Radiohead album The King of Limbs dropped Friday morning; a full day earlier than expected. At the Portable offices, we were more excited about the accompanying video for the single Lotus Flower. It features a solo Thom Yorke dancing hither-thither in an unadorned soundstage, wearing a vaguely Droogish outfit, and…that’s about it. However, it marks the return of Garth Jennings, whose ouevre includes videos for Eels, Hot Chip, Blur, Supergrass, Beck and others with his production company Hammer and Tongs.

In celebration of Jennings and Radiohead’s latest, we’ve gathered our top five favorite Garth Jennings videos from over the years. Simultaneously bizarre, erratic and fantastical, Jennings’ versatility, cleverness and penchant for cheeky visuals have made him one of indie and Britpop’s most in-demand video directors over the past 15 years.