Guillaume Miquel has lived in Paris, worked with famous brands such as Lancome and Cacharel, and has co-directed feature films as well as music videos. His resume is obviously polished and sweetened with appealing features and names. His long list of accomplishments and plans for the future are overwhelming and he is nowhere near ready to stop. His career sounds like a dream come true. I mean, who wouldn’t want to move to Paris and do something they love?

Guillaume Miquel is a director, cinematographer and editor who enjoys nothing more then exploring beauty with a video camera. Miquel makes directing seem like a piece of cake. And in that case, a piece that we’re willing to spend our calories on. Attending film school in Toulouse, in the South of France, Miquel has tried every practice offered on a film set. Along with the three focuses mentioned above, he also practices as a fashion photographer and usually in conjunction with music videos.

Though Miquel knew he always wanted to be involved with film and video (music and sound are two important concepts to him), it was not until after his schooling that he realized just how much he wanted to explore this area. Discovering great names in cinema that deeply affected him (Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Fellini, Wong Kar Wai, Jarmuch, Cassavetes, and Woody Allen, to name a few) he then knew that this is what he wanted to do.

“When I found myself on a set for the first time, I realized that was really where I was meant to be, what I wanted to do. It was fortunate because I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else,” Miquel said.

Becoming an assistant director on feature films and music videos including Sometime in April and Marie Antoinette he knew he didn’t want to stop. Miquel then began editing and directing mood films for famous French perfumes.

“From that moment I felt the world of fashion and beauty was something I wanted to explore with video camera in hand. I then made films for young designers, magazines and more established brands,” Miquel explained.

The creative process is something that is nonspecific for Miquel; “Ideas come randomly, at any moment. I always try to write them somewhere. It also happens that I dream a full new scenario and write it down when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes an idea is not appropriate for a current work, so I store it. Suddenly, one day it makes sense for a new project. An idea can only be good if it is well used. Having studied cinema, experienced movie sets for 10 years and being backed by the right team really help make a difference,” Miquel said.

With all ideas comes inspiration and in this case, inspiration from fashion creators, directors, photographers and agencies. Peter Knapp created fashion films as early as the 60s, while Nick Knight made them in the 90s, both of which Miquel believes to be extremely stimulating. Along with Knapp names such as Prada, Burberry, Moving Images and Content, BootlegsPeter Lindbergh and Nouvelle Vague are those noted worthy and inspirational. Along with people, places can be of an inspiration for someone in the film industry like Miquel, who has spent several months in New York City.

“Having to spend several months in NYC came from a real desire to incorporate the influences of American directors, but also the special atmosphere that exists here and which you can feel through in almost all the shots and films that are shot here,” Miquel explained.

After discovering inspiration and recording ideas comes the best part: making the image in your head come to life. Miquel has two requirements for the models that he chooses — one who is able to embody the character and remain faithful to the brand image and world of the film, as well as being one who is he has chemistry with.

The hardest part about filmmaking according to Miquel is an actual shoot; “It is a struggle to keep the spontaneity. There are so many times and steps from the moment you had an idea, an image in mind and when the image is projected onto a screen… You need to be patient, persevering and keep your main idea of the film in mind,” Miquel said.

With a significant amount of accomplishments under his belt, Miquel does not plan to stop. “I’ve just finished shooting a short film in Brooklyn. This is a romantic comedy somewhat in the vein of Michel Gondry or Spike Jones. It’s probably quite different from what I do in my fashion films. This is the story of a man who, unable to find true love, begins to live with a pineapple until he meets…”

We’ll be eagerly awaiting to see what Miquel does next.