Three years ago the Miami sub-district of Wynwood, or Little San Juan as it is known locally, was an industrial area made barren by drugs and poverty. Now it is a gated community without rules or law. Welcome to the projects.

Exploring a unique juncture in history as a new community emerges and evolves, the short-form docu-series Here Comes The Neighborhood aims to acquaint the wider world with The Wynwood Walls, a progressive urban revitalization campaign representing the coming of age of street art and graffiti.

Working on the idea that art is for everyone, not just for the elite, the project—which began with a series of parking lots, loading docks, and drab rundown factory buildings—became a curation of an international outdoor street art museum thanks to the vision of Tony Goldman.

Encouraging a culture of participation, Goldman Projects Arts Manager Meghan Coleman and Art Consultant Medvin Sobio of the Visual Arts Collective Viejas Del Mercado, curators of the Wynwood project, continue to inject art into the community by facilitating contributions from some of the world’s best street artists including names such as b., Bast, Brandon Opalka, Faile, Gaia, Interesni Kazki, Jesse Geller, Kenny Scharf, Kunle Martins, Liqen, Martha Cooper, SANER, SEGO, SHIE, and VIHLS in the current exhibition.