Whatever James Franco touches turns to gold…or, at the very least, something worth speculating about. This time, he’s trying his hand at short documentary filmmaker (or reality show DP, depending on your cynicism) with Undergrads, a Rabbit Bandini-produced web series solely dedicated to exploring the lives of undergraduate students at the University of Southern California. If there’s anyone who knows the life of a college student, it’s Franco, who went to a few classes in a few years and earned countless degrees!

Because it wouldn’t be a Franco production without some kind of original flair, he used a flip cam to record everything. The trailer introduces us to a few “characters:” Paley, Claire, Colin, and Keelin. We’re shown a lot of partying, some drama, and overall chaos. Anything goes on a Southern California college campus, right? Undergrads airs Thursdays at 8pm on James Franco TV. We’re hoping it proves itself to be a little more Judd Apatow‘s Undeclared, than Laguna Beach: The College Edition.