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What if you could take all those special moments from the film you loved, and pack them together in one all-encompassing, emotional, visceral swoop?

Editing wunderkind Kees Van Dijkhuizen has done just that. His supercut montage series may compile a directors entire filmography, or summarise a whole year of films, and remind you what the very best sequences were. Of course the montage clips are almost overwhelming in their scope, but it’s the little moments that bring it all back together. Van Dijkhuizen has an assured way with finding the perfect rhythm and mood in the works he deconstructs, whether it be a b-grade action film or an acclaimed yet little-seen indie. Finding the best moments from hundreds of films must be a daunting experience, but Van Dijkhuizen has managed to come out on top, and with a staggeringly beautiful showreel to show for it.

We had an inspiring conversation with Kees about the detailed process behind the seamless surface of his edits, and what motivates him to continue crafting his films.