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Portable: What brought you to the idea of cutting together hundreds, sometimes thousands of clips together to create these visual ‘summaries’?

Kees Van Dijkhuizen Jnr: There were a number of triggers. First of all, I was a huge movie fan, even when I was little. I used to make a ton of short films with toys. The first time I cut something on a computer was for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so way back in 2005.

The first Cinema video I cut in 2008: I had just bought a new Mac Pro and wanted to stretch its legs, so to speak. I decided to cut together some of the films I watched that year and put it to some music. It was a great success; I see it as a key moment in my career as video editor. That success led to Cinema 2009, and so forth.

I’m always looking to try new things so after editing Cinema 2010, I felt the urge to do something new and I had conveniently just watched all of Sofia Coppola’s films for the first time. The idea to compile a directors work in a quick montage really appealed to me on different levels: I’d never done it before, I’d get more familiar with the art of filmmaking (something I was very keen on doing, because I wanted to apply for film school), there would be a ton of involvement for my followers, I would get to see some great films and working under such strict monthly deadlines was a challenge I couldn’t resist. [The Films Of] started then and there and it’s a project I’m most proud of.