Kid Cudi has teamed up with fellow rapper Cage and actor-cum-filmmaker Shia LaBeouf for a short horror film all about the most dangerous game. The aptly-titled Maniac, a ten-minute, French-dialogued blood bath, opens with a disclaimer due to the graphic content of the video, which shouldn’t be taken lightly—if you’re squeamish, that is.

Cudi and Cage are out to kill. The motive is unclear, but it’s obviously just a competitive way for these dudes to get their kicks. The dastardly duo manage to cram a hefty variety of homicidal maneuvers into the time allotted—blunt objects, knives, and guns, even a handy little car bomb shows up to take out a couple in what would make David Berkowitz‘s canine friend very happy. The catch is the fact that they’re being followed by a film crew, who document every little blood-droplet trophy, until they become part of the problem.

The camera man is played by the film’s director, the aforementioned LaBeouf. This isn’t the first time LaBeouf has worked with Cudi and Cage —earlier this year, he directed the video for Cudi’s Marijuana, a home movie-esque video documenting a trip to stoney baloney capital of the world, Amsterdam. Prior to that, he directed Cage’s I Never Knew You. LaBeouf even expressed interest in portraying Cage in a film. One thing’s for sure: Shia LaBeouf has certainly come a long way from his days as annoying little brother Louis on Disney’s Even Stevens.