Kirby Ferguson wants you to quit your job.

The New York based filmmaker, documentarian and writer will be in Australia next week to present a series of talks in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Kirby has worked extensively as a video producer for other organisations and projects, but managed to happen upon working for himself. After a series of successful online ventures, with his work having received over 5 million views online, Kirby was able to take the scary leap and become an independent artist. Whilst daunting, this is something that he strongly encourages you to consider.

His recent online series Everything Is A Remix has been incredibly well received and scored Kirby an invite to speak at TED Global 2012 in Edinburgh earlier this year. The four part series, released entirely online, explores the remix culture. The first part logically examines the music industry – where remixing first began amongst the hiphop scene, and infiltrates other musical genres. Does Kirby Ferguson call Led Zeppelin a derivative? You better believe it!

What we will learn from his presentation, brought about by his series and research, is that the remix culture actually fuels creativity. Kirby will explain how creativity is like remixing – they share the same basis elements of copying materials, transforming, combining them.

Kirby’s presentation at the Curators Conference Melbourne as as part of Portable Presents Kirby Ferguson in Brisbane and Sydney, Kirby’s two part presentation will explore the remix culture and becoming an independent artist.

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Watch the first part of Everything Is A Remix.