Nothing indicates the approach of Oscar season quite like the quintessential biopic. Packed with all-star casts and released just in time to qualify for a nomination while remaining fresh in the minds of the Academy, biographical films are a crowd pleaser across the board. However, you’ll see a clear theme if you observe some of the most successful biopics such as “Schindler’s List,” “The Aviator,” “Ray,” and “Walk the Line.” Besides Leo Dicaprio’s desperation for an Oscar, what can we learn from this list? That biopics tend to focus more on men and their contributions throughout history instead of women (by the way, just kidding, Leo, baby, we’re always rooting for you).

While the world would be a different place had these guys not existed, it’s unfair to ignore the amazing women who have had an impact as well. From Rosalind Franklin to Hedy Lamarr, history has overlooked women and their accomplishments for so long that we have to wonder whose story the world is trying to tell.

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve assembled a list featuring six of the many women whose lives would make awesome movies. We’ve even gone a step further and chosen actresses we believe would do these women justice on the silver screen. No need to thank us, Hollywood, just get to work on these screenplays.