Finding one of those “before they were famous” gems is one of the great joys of the internet. From uncovering the early sketches that have since become Portlandia to discovering on Netflix instant the film Noah Baumbach never wanted anyone to see.

Today, dug into their archives and unearthed Tight Shots, the webseries created years ago especially for the cult sex and dating site by Lena Dunham. Then a precocious 20-year-old, now the writer/director/producer/star of the new HBO series Girls, Dunham’s come a long way in her career since the series’ inception in 2007. While her star has certainly risen, her mind still remains where it did back then: on the intimate sexual encounters of her educated, upper-middle-class, white peers.

Tight Shots sees Lena playing a version of herself; a writer/director working on a film project about the sexual awakening of a girl in the deep South—a place none of them have actually been (although Lena has been to Florida, so…).

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Nerve will be publishing episodes from the entire series for you to cringe over.