If you have ever watched Weeds, you’ve been introduced to Nancy Botwin, and one of the first things you may notice is that she is one hot MILF. If you haven’t ever delved into the television world of drug-dealer meets hot 40-year-old mom in the suburbs, we highly recommend it. She’s mother to three kids (maybe four, depending on what you think of Andy), but her main job is not always being a care taker. Sometimes her career and the lifestyle that goes along with it — sex, gun fights and getting paid — gets in the way of her parenting. But, despite the occasional murder or death of one of her husbands, she stays cool, fashionable, caffeinated and somehow, motherly.

Mary Louise Parker is the woman responsible for making Nancy Botwin, America’s no. 1 mom for all eight seasons of the show. Though the name “Mary Louise Parker” may not ring bells for everyone, she has been on-screen and peddling more than weeds for quite some time. We might attribute Parker’s sexy bad-girl image to her because she is acting as a drug-dealer, but Weeds is not the first time she’s been bare or kissed another lady on camera. Over the years, she has acted as a slew of diverse characters in theater, film and television and regardless of the unique elements in each production, she  maintains a small presence as Mary Louise Parker; a lady who is genuine to her career whether hot or frumpy, straight or gay, motherly or rough, ready to kill or dressed to kill, or all of the above.