In the latest trailer for the much-hyped Prometheus, Michael Fassbender plays the robot David, and engaged in a simple question and answer style interview with an invisible narrator, is still disturbingly sexy. Or maybe that’s because we remember seeing him nude… [Shudder]. OK, OK, for one second let’s put aside the unnerving sex-appeal of Fassbender and visions of his splendid… knees (good save?)… and talk about the trailer. It’s going to be hard (giggle) but I’m sure we can let go (double giggle).

As the A.V. Club so astutely pointed out, “loudly “debuting” a “viral video” is antithetical to the definition of a viral video.” Regardless, the Ridely Scott picture looks decidedly epic, with the simplicity of the trailer offset with glaringly sharp cinematography. And while the picture is pleasing to behold (and not just because of Fassbender; the sets appear surreally foreboding, and the starkness is almost brutal), the story of “Humanity vs. robotics” resonated with our affection for classics like Blade Runner (not coincidentally also a Ridley Scott film), and touched a nostalgic nerve directly connected to retro dystopian visions of the future.

Fassbender is disarming as the David in this trailer, absolutely commanding our attention despite being fully clothed. With a familiar premise, Fassbender’s genius portrayal and Riley Scott’s legendary prowess, we’re hoping the debut of Prometheus won’t let us down. We definitely don’t need another disappointment of Avatar proportions.

[via The A.V. Club]