We know that everybody has been wringing their hands anxiously in anticipation for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, and while we’ll acknowledge that Wes is the undisputed King of indie on screen, let’s not forget that Michel Gondry is most definitely royalty. And yes, that French wizard has something awfully tantalizing in the works; a film including but not limited to: Paris, Audrey Tatou, puns on Jean-Paul Sartre and backwards cars. Oh boy.

Foam of The Days is the english translation of L’ecume de joursthe 1947 novel by Boris Vian which Gondry is adapting to film (It will most likely be titled Moon Indigo for english speaking audiences) and centers around a wife who has contracted an inexplicable disease — water lily of the lung — by which the only cure is to be surrounded by flowers at all times, dutifully supplied by her husband: a lifestyle which is teetering him into bankruptcy. It’s begun filming in Paris, and dotting those cobble-y streets are a bunch of these cars, meshed together and flipped around, with the kind of perfect absurdity that makes the inevitably tortuous wait for Moon Indigo too hideous to bear. Presented without commentary — because their sheer insanity does themselves sufficient justice — are some of the vehicles set to feature in Gondry’s film, after the jump.

[via blenheim gang]