OFFF Festival kicked-off in Barcelona this past week, gathering top creative talent and digital gurus for three days. Although Summer Festival Season has just started, OFFF is not another music festival. In fact, it has very little to do with concerts, mud, wellies, or Tupac holograms. Well, maybe it does have to do a little with holograms.

OFFF is a post-digital culture festival. A place for inspiration and co-creation through a program of conferences and workshops. The festival takes place during the year in different cities (Barcelona, New York, Lisbon and Paris) and instead of Jay-Z or Jack White, they have their own particular rockstars of post-digital culture; Joshua Davis, Stefan Sagmeister, John Maeda, The Mill, Lucy McRae, James Victore… and many others that once attended OFFF looking for inspiration and ended up being the inspiration.

The Festival is not only about digital culture, but also about amazing graphic and motion work. One of the main highlights of their programme is the Title Sequence for the festival that features all the ‘line-up’ and the sponsors. A new title sequence is produced by the world’s top motion studios every year, and there is always a lot of expectation and excitement around them. You know how we love title sequences, so we have gathered the best ones from OFFF, starting with this year’s masterpiece by Physalia Studio.

Physalia is a Barcelona based studio, specialized in Design and Motion Graphics. For this video, they hacked an infrared camera and combined it with stop motion. It’s interesting how they play with the different perspectives and camera positions leaving you thinking if it’s the object or the camera moving. A visual roller coaster you should definitely ride in.