In the science of comedic formulas, they usually go something like this:

Ben Stiller x (Will Ferrell + Owen Wilson) /Paul Rudd + Steve Carrell = hilarity.

However when some of the more A-grade Hollywood funny men are subtracted from the equation the answer is unknown. So when comedy veterans Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn announced this week on the Huffington Post that they will be reuniting for their latest project The Intern, it was met with mixed responses.

The pair, responsible for both the 2005 hit Wedding Crashers and coining the phrase “Stage 5 clinger”, are set to play forty-year-olds who have just been laid off and decide to become interns and start their careers all over again, competing against fresh-faced Gen Y’s.

The script, written by Vaughn himself, sounds like pretty much every thing that they’ve produced before. So while fans are pleased to see the duo back together, do we really need another  mind numbing comedy? If anything we crave for standout funny films with heart, such as 50/50 and Funny People, which faced real issues and dealt with life’s complexities such as divorce and cancer. Audiences need to wise up and stop settling for feature films with scrappy plot lines, such as The Intern, and maybe in turn Paramount can send the pair back to do what they do best; making crooked noses adorable for Owen Wilson and, well… mumbling in monotone for Vince Vaughn.

One positive from The Intern announcement is the hope that their funny buddies come along for the ride, as we all know that the best bit of Wedding Crashers was Will Ferrell screeching “MA! The meatloaf!”