When your latest film gains both a standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival and is purchased for distribution by the Weinstein Brothers, you certainly have a lot to be smug about. However, former Australian Idol / professional cutie pie Jessica Mauboy has nothing but sweet things to say in this exclusive chat about The Sapphires her upcoming film chronicling the rise to fame of an all-Aboriginal Australian girl group during the Vietnam war.

Mauboy is both passionate and demure in her description of the shoot, where she describes the awe of recreating an exact historical moment in time for the film; “I felt like, I shouldn’t be here” she says humbly.  Though with big shoes to fill alongside Australian stalwart Deborah Mailman and favourite IT Crowd-er Chris O’Dowd (who referred to the extended exposure the film received at Cannes “Terrifying”) she manages to hold her own, and with the buzz already mounting for the film, no wonder she’s so happy to have given her all to this little gem of a film (see what we did there?).