Depending upon your sense of humor, you may find the fable Tumbleweed! to be either sarcastic and intriguing or dry and confusing. Warning: this film is not a documentary and is in fact full of false information. To the naked eye it may seem like a short Western featuring information about the history of tumbleweeds and their relevance to today’s society. But, to the expert it is a satirical view on an intriguing object with outstanding cinematography.

With the intentions of bringing a smile and twinkle in your eyes, Jared Varava, creator of this short film, produced this with hopes that his audience would empathize a bit with the journey of the tumbleweed.

The journey of the tumbleweed begins with a brief introduction to the tumbleweed society and the one weed that just couldn’t begin to tumble. The video then quickly goes into a “historical” background including how the name tumbleweed came about, who discovered this particular weed and how it was created. As the film wraps up the audience realizes that in fact, the weed that was unable to tumble was actually just moving at a slower pace. The audience cheers with joy and the film ends — bringing a smile to our faces, we are happy that the little weed was able to make the same journey that his friends did.

At this point you might be thinking, how does someone even begin the creative process when doing a short film like this. Answer: “Who knows?  It’s certainly not a scientific process. Things hit you sometimes, make you think differently. I try to keep an open mind and consume as much of the world at large as possible, try to figure out what things affect human beings and why that’s the case, figure out what of that I agree with personally and hopefully in the end it leads to some idea and direction that makes sense to me and is not impossible to pull off,” Varava said.

Thinking different is how most independent films get their creative edge. Varava decided that this was an industry he wanted to be involved with and took off from there. He went to the same school that Kurt Vonnegut and Gene Wilder went to (two of his favorite people of all time). During his time at school he ended up interning on commercial shoots in Chicago where he was able to network and find other gigs in L.A. The money he made from those films he used to fund his first videos.

Though Varava is able to create brilliant films he struggles and finds challenges like most people, “Pretty much everything is always challenging in some way or another. It’s the nature of independent film,” Varava said.

Though he has had challenges like any other artist, Jared Varava has provided us with interesting entertainment unlike anything we’ve seen before. All we can ask is that he keeps bringing more intriguing films to the table!