At Portable, we were very sad to hear the news of the death of Director and Producer Tony Scott this morning. A prolific filmmaker, Scott had produced almost 50 projects spanning across film and television, and directed almost half of those, whether alone or with his brother Ridley.

It’s easy to categorise Scott as primarily an action filmmaker, focused only on the style of his films over the substance. But between the hits and misses of his career Scott developed unique methods for shooting action in a number of settings; land, sea and air, underground and from the sky. Through his genre films he also produced some beautiful and breathtaking imagery. Sometimes the best way of remembering someone is for what they believed in and what they held important, and there’s no denying for Scott, that was creating unique imagery through film.

We’ve compiled a reminder of the imagery Scott should be remembered for, and suggestions for what you should revisit when thinking of his filmography.