Claire Kurylowski is a Berlin based director who dabbles in all things music and fashion films. Inspired by the growing number of narrative and non-performance based music videos, Claire wanted to create a film that would re-appropriate the traditional music video with inflections of the fashion film genre. Her recent work, Honor, is an ode to French filmmaker Alain Resnais, specifically his 1961 film, Last Year at Marienbad, as well the opulent fashion designs of Madame Gres of the 1940s. Honor poignantly follows two characters impeccably dressed in bespoke Berlin designs and is set against an equally majestic backdrop of a Baroque-esque location.

Featuring an Owen Pallett track, “The CN Tower Belongs To The Dead (Many Ives Version)”, the film is reminiscent of a renaissance painting, something Sandro Botticelli might commission should he want an animated version of his artwork. Though short, Honor keeps you coming back for more with its grandness and tense relationship which exist between the two main characters. The combination of Pallet’s palatial track and Claire’s dramatic direction concludes in film that you can watch over and over again and still find something seductively inviting each time.