The 1980s is the decade that witnessed the death of cult. Sure, there are always new forms of art being made now, but somewhere between the shoulder pads and the synths, truly fearsome boundary-pushing ended. 1981 saw the last film made by Jim Sharman, the legend behind The Rocky Horror Picture Show and 1987 saw the death of Andy Warhol in a hospital in New York, and there went the world of true cult. Until now.

Sharman is back, and he’s brought Andy Warhol with him. Andy X is Sharman’s first film in 31 years and it’s being released online to commemorate the precise moment of Warhol’s death, at 6.21am on 22 February. The film is a composite musical/verse/montage spectacular and watching it makes you feel like you’re in an intimate theater in a back alley of the great city of New York. Don’t expect a searing melodramatic biopic that reduces Warhol’s life to an explainable two-hour time slot; expect 42 minutes of dancing, singing, poetry slamming, color-filled, set-romping deliriousness that Warhol would be proud of.

The cast is kept to a minimum, with a handful of actors playing multiple roles. Akos Armont heads the largely Australian cast as Andy Warhol and as the poet narrator. Featured are Warhol’s friends, idols and enemies including Jean-Michel BasquiatJudy Garland, Billy Name, Warhol’s mother Julia Warhola and Warhol’s attempted murderer Valerie Solanas.

This trailer is just a taste of the ‘screen seance’ that is Jim Sharman’s Andy X. You can watch the complete film online here, or download it for a fee to keep forever.