The hype of impending Royal nuptials continues to build and, although there won’t be any merchandised mugs or tea-towels in our office anytime soon, we can’t deny our interest. Last week we made you privvy to our favourite on-screen ceremonies and here’s another fictional ceremony we are digging!

Jenny Van Sommers is an Australian-born, London-based photographer who works regularly for clients like Apple, Nike and Hermes and Rachel Thomas works as a set designer and builds both small and large scale props. Thanks to Nowness, the creative duo have revealed their take on the procession: a stop-motion film with everybody’s favourite Royals crafted from light-bulbs, cupcake wrappers and cardboard. The bride is as luminous one might expect; flanked by her ladies in waiting, a ginger groomsman, guys marching in red suits and, er, a frog and a fox?