Friends Forever: A Film by Ryan McGinley from highsnobsociety on Youtube

Ryan McGinley is a visual artist and photographer who is well known for his dizzying photographs that capture teens at their freest and (almost always) most naked state. He is also responsible for the film Entrance Romance (It Felt like a Kiss) and this little gem, which stars Tilda Swinton and further enforces why he is in such high demand. The man’s a genius.

This short film entitled Friends Forever focuses on the two bands, Smith Westerns and Girls, both of whom are are making waves of their own. Shot in washed-out black and white with intermittent colour, this film captures the chilled vibe of these two bands perfectly. Recorded at July’s Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, McGinley filmed both performances and also spent some time with the bands as they chilled out before and after their shows.

We kind of wish we were in bands now, laying down some tracks in the studio, playing festivals and just generally rockin’ out.

…Plus we’re suckers for boys with curly hair.