Anthony Scorza had dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but after a brief, unexpected stint in the Vietnam War, he wound up settling into the world of taxidermy. Since 1946, his family owned and operated business has been serving Rochester and the surrounding upstate New York areas.

Joined by his brother and a reliable team of handy friends, Scorza has worked hard to uphold the status he’s achieved in his community. The fact that he and his team are enthusiastic about their work is evident in the quality of the final products they produce, which has even earned them the title of New York State’s number one head-mounters.

More important than the accolades he’s received from the taxidermy community, Anthony Scorza wants to be known as an honest man. As seen in this documentary, he is a gentle yet hard-working man, who just wants to serve his community the best way he knows how. He admits to not being fond of having to kill the animals himself any more, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his work.

Matthew Mann is a photojournalist born and raised in upstate NY. His short documentary provides a look into the world of a man who deals with death on a daily basis—his eerie use of shadows during parts of the documentary helps you remember that. Scorza even touches on how the process has evolved and changed since he first started out. Even though it wasn’t what he originally planned for himself, he’s come to love it—provided he doesn’t have to pull the trigger.