At this point we’ve seen so many beautiful, high quality TV shows that it shouldn’t be a surprise that new HBO offering Game of Thrones looks and feels as epic as a movie. The visuals are so stunning and rich in vibrant color, we were sincerely taken aback. With all the hype (the informative and the infuriating) surrounding it, the aesthetics totally delivered, as did the promised extreme complex-plot-line-confusion, which coupled with oohing and aahing at pretty boys wearing fur resulted in a lot of rewinding going on. But no matter, because unlike the overtly sexist New York Times reviewer’s opinion we’re going to continue watching for the storyline and not simply for the sexual “illicitness” they “tossed in as a little something for the ladies.”

Game of Thrones is worth watching because it shows some seriously epic awesomeness (there’s incest and murder and ice-zombies and savages—WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?) and for all of us with “Middle Earth proclivities” it will ease the long wait for The Hobbit.