Karley Sciortino, internet vixen and founder of the salacious blog Slutever, is getting the web series treatment thanks to VICE. From its launch today, Slutever will also be a weekly collection of episodes focusing on all things sex for your viewing and learning pleasure.

The show will follow Karley as she attempts to help us figure out what to wear on dates, gets a lesson in S&M from a dominatrix, explores the intricacies of the life of a polygamist, and gets the breakdown from a hooker/drag queen on how to give proper fellatio, among other sex-related queries, all while teaching us the general lesson that kinkiness knows no bounds. Consider her an edgier, more NSFW Carrie Bradshaw (jaunty piano score and sweeping shots of New York City are a given), with a staunch curiosity we’re intrigued by.

In episode one, Karley asks for advice on how someone like her—who’s “over dating DJs”—can get a date and what to do when you hook one—from her god-fearing mother and her drag queen friend Alexis Penney, among other sexperts.