Ever wanted to debate the merits of Bill vs Eric with Anna Paquin? Or ask Denzel Washington and Phillip Seymour Hoffman if they get tired of being incredibly talented and awesome all the time? Or find out whether John Leguizamo really is batshit cray-cray or his whole career has just been some huge typecast misunderstanding? Well with a fully-functional pause button and a little imagination, you can have completely fictional conversations with all of them and more.

Thanks to Academy Award nominated director Spike Lee’s deep, deep love of the dolly shot, and the patience and ingenuity of one tech-savvy fan, we have been gifted with 2 minutes and 54 seconds of, yes you got it, dolly shots from Lee’s impressive body of work, which has included films such as Malcolm X, He Got Game, Summer of Sam and Do the Right Thing.

Seriously, its like Harvey Keitel is looking right at you. Check it out.