With exciting new TV series like Homeland collecting awards left and right, the trickle-up effect of CIA security thrillers emerging in feature film form was bound to happen shortly after. In Safe House, Claire Danes’ character in the show is reimagined in the body of Ryan Reynolds’ Matt Weston, a rookie “housekeeper” who’s been biding his time working in a secluded outpost in Capetown for a year before being assigned his most important and onerous job yet.

In his first film since 2010′s Unstoppable—in which he was also paired up with a hot, young upstart—Oscar-winner Denzel Washington plays Tobin Frost, the CIA’s most dangerous renegade who emerges from years of hiding, conniving and plotting against the United States. As a turned ex-intelligence officer, Frost has done all the damage he could think of, from selling military intel to trading secrets to North Korea. The enemies he’s amassed makes finding out just who is eager to get rid of him—after the titular safe house Weston placed him in is blown apart—all the more difficult.

This preview, which runs high on testosterone and adrenalin and introduces us to the brilliant Vera Farmiga’s CIA agent character, picks up after the safe house is discovered and destroyed, and sees Weston and Frost embark on a high-octane car chase through the streets of Capetown, single-handedly supporting the city’s autobody repair industry in the process.

Safe House is in cinemas now.

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